“Would Jesus have chosen you?”

In Mark chapter three Jesus chooses the men that he will spend the next three years of his life with. He will lead these men, pray for them and ultimately pass on his mission to them. So, why them? Why did he choose these specific twelve Galileans? The answer: because he could work with them. Jesus knew these men were not too proud to pattern their life to fit God’s plan.
In Isaiah 64:8, the prophet talks about how we are formed by God’s hand. None of us are created as a finished product. Jesus chose these twelve men because they were open to change. They were open to allowing the Potter to continue crafting his workmanship. These men were not the wealthiest, the most popular or even the most talented; they were everyday, ordinary people like us. If God could change the world through just these twelve, the possibilities are limitless if we will only understand that God is still shaping us.


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