“Jesus’ Scourging”

 Matthew 27:26
I dare say there is no Christian anywhere who could not describe the crucifixion of Jesus in detail.  However, many might not comprehend the severity of the beating Jesus received, because it is not described in any of the four Gospel accounts.  It was unnecessary to do so, for the ancient people were quite familiar with such scenes.  Like the term "crucifixion," the mere mention of the word for "scourging" was sufficient to draw a mental picture.
Pilate, having determined Jesus' innocence, suggested that Jesus be scourged and released.  However, his suggestion fell on deaf ears.  The Jewish leaders and the crowd would be satisfied with nothing less than Jesus' death.  The flogging prior to crucifixion was the most severe type.  The Roman flagellum was a leather strap that had pieces of metal or bone woven into it.  The lashes would cut through the condemned man's flesh, often leaving his bones and organs exposed.  This flogging was so brutal that the condemned person could be killed by it before he could be taken to the cross.
Again, none of the Gospel authors described this horrible event.  There are accounts outside the Bible of others being scourged.  From these we find the truth about the act.  Shortly after the film, "The Passion of the Christ," many were shocked and awed by the flogging scene.  Although this scene is not described in the Bible, many scholars agreed that the movie scene was a very accurate depiction of scourging.
The suffering of Christ can only be imagined.  No one today has gone through the pain that Jesus went through, but in our minds,  we can see Jesus being abused.  Remember that Jesus' suffering was for us.  His pain is our gain. It is because He suffered on Calvary that we can be forever blessed in Heaven.


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