“The Mustard Seed”


The Mustard Seed – the smallest seed of all….right? As any master gardener could tell you, the mustard seed is not actually the smallest seed in the plant world. There are several orchids and other plant seeds that are smaller. So why use the mustard seed as an example?  I believe the reason to be twofold.
First, in the Middle East 2,000 years ago that was about as small of a seed as they had. So to their knowledge – yes everyone got the illustration.
Second, the mustard tree is not the biggest tree. In fact, it is more of a shrub. It is not the most visually appealing plant. Much like the apostles that Jesus chose – it was somewhat ordinary. However, it was well known for its flavoring and also medicinal purposes. Similar to the church not being the flashiest organization, it is designed to be simple: to grow where planted and to make people’s lives better. We should heal and we should season people with the Christ that we show others.


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