“How Much Does It Cost?”

Text: Mark 8:27-38
I would imagine we have all asked the question, “how much does it cost?”, at some point in our life. Most likely, we hope the answer is “not that much.” Throughout Jesus’ life he gives the answer that most of us wouldn’t want to hear. Following Him costs “a lot!” By Mark 8, it was becoming increasingly obvious that this man, Jesus, was different and special. The natural result for many was to follow him or want to be with him. The problem came in the amount it would cost them to be followers of his. And just like Luke referenced in Luke 14:28-33, once they considered the cost, many chose to go another route.
Jesus called to crowds in Mark 8:34-35 and explained “deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me” and would go as far as saying you might lose your life for following me. These were hard sayings for these people. Today, it’s easier for us to say “amen” to a scripture like this because in the back of our mind we know dying for the cause of Christ isn’t likely. Sure, it could happen, but most wouldn’t expect things to go that far. Speaking for myself, the biggest challenge for a Christian today is denying the world and its influences. Pop culture (TV, movies, music, etc.) is so influential in our lives and it’s not for the better. Many would say that they couldn’t stand the thought of not having their iphone or device, yet many of the things associated with them are causing them to struggle in their walk with Christ. I imagine many would respond the same as so many did in scriptures by deciding to go another route. Jesus poses a great question in verse 37 when he ask’s “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul?” Will you deny the world and all its influences to follow Christ?


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