In Mark 15: 1-15 Jesus is handed over to Pontius Pilate, the governor of Rome.  He was in a powerful position.  We see where Pilate asks Jesus a question “Are you King of the Jews?’  Jesus replies, “as you have said.” He asked again and Jesus doesn’t reply. It says in vs. 5 that Pilate was amazed at Jesus.  Pilate knew that Jesus had done nothing wrong.  I’ve always wondered in the position he was in why Pilate didn’t just let him go.  Sure, the crowds would have been upset, maybe caused a riot, but he had plenty of soldiers around him.  So why didn’t he?  He was selfish.  Pilate loved power; he wanted to appease the crowd, keep them happy.  He loved himself and his power far more than he could have feelings for an innocent person.  Do we think of ourselves as Pilate did?  Are we wanting to stay in power of our lives?  Keep the crowds in our lives happy?  We should never put ourselves over this innocent person who gave His life for you.


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