“The Three Women”

  After Jesus was crucified in Mark 16, we read of his resurrection.  We also read of three women that were there when Jesus was crucified, and when he was resurrected.  These women were Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome.  In vs 2 we see the day after Jesus was buried in the tomb, they got up very early in the morning to anoint him with spices.  They loved Jesus and were true followers of Him.  The devotion of these women is an example for us all.  Women can have such an impact in the Church today.  Devotion and love for Jesus, that’s what these women showed.  A lot of times we talk of the work of the apostles and all the wonderful things they did, but we should never forget these women that were followers of Jesus; they never left, they were there all along. 


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