This week’s reading has spanned a time of Jesus’ earthly teaching and ministry, to his entry of Jerusalem for his eventual death on the cross. In Mark 9 we see a very crucial moment in this process. The transfiguration was an important landmark leading to his death. This was the “crowning” of his first part of his mission, realizing perfect life. Had it not been for that, the second part could not have been accomplished. Jesus’ death would have been invalid for the redemption of the world had it not been preceded by His perfect life. In a sense, the transfiguration divided the ways. The first mission was over, now the second one was to begin. As he descended from the mountain, He had to once again turn His back on the light of Heaven. His mind was now determined to finish the mission, death! Sadly, his closest friends still didn’t understand, but for Jesus there was no turning back. So, he set his face toward Jerusalem and set a determined course. The transfiguration came into the life of Jesus as the crowning of His humanity, and therefore His preparation for the death by which man is redeemed.


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