“Dig in Your Heals”

Text: Mark 10:46-52
Many in our society today struggle with disabilities. Some have mild disabilities, such as learning struggles, but sadly we know others that deal with various serious disabilities. Whether physical or mental, we understand that life can be very difficult for the individual and their families. In our text for today, we are introduced to someone with a disability. Bartimaeus, or Blind Bartimaeus”, as our children may have been taught in bible class, is the central character in verses 46-52. Bartimaeus literally means “son of Timaeus”. He, like many figures in the bible with a disability, was a beggar. It was his only livelihood, and most likely dependent on others. People with disabilities in this age were most likely looked at as a burden on society and outcasts.
On this particular day, Bartimaeus had to make something happen. He had heard and believed in this man Jesus. In fact, he cried out “Jesus, son of David”. He knew he couldn’t depend on someone else to do it for him, so he cried out “have mercy on me!” Bartimaeus wanted it bad! To add some reality to the story, there were distractions and people that tried to get in the way, but Jesus heard his plea and called him. Bartimaeus wasted no time getting to Jesus, which in turn led to his healing.
How bad do you want what God put in your heart? Bad enough to outlast your enemies, bad enough to overlook some insults, bad enough to do the right thing when the wrong thing is happening? Do you want it bad enough to keep pursuing it when all the circumstances say it’s not going to happen? There were other sick people in the crowd that day, but Bartimaeus was the only person who was healed. Why? He wanted it more than they did. He wanted it so bad that he didn’t let people talk him out of his blessing. You’ve got to dig in your heals and say “I’m in this for the long haul. I know what God’s word says and the great things he wants for me.” To many, Bartimaeus was weak, but in Jesus’ eyes he was strong. 


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