Matthew 26:14-15
Judas was a man that had some of the best opportunities to live for and serve the Lord.  There is no indication in scripture that Judas was any different from the other apostles. But sin crept in, and as it usually does, led to Judas committing other iniquities. The sad conclusion is that this man became an enemy of God and tried to destroy Jesus and His ministry on earth. How grieved Judas was when he came to himself and realized what he had done.
The same scenario has been echoed billions of times. It can happen to the best: preachers, teachers, song leaders, etc. No one is exempt from the strangle hold of sin. Sin has an expensive price tag and will cost more than anyone ever wants to pay. The only safety is not to let "a little sin" get its roots in our lives. Flee and fear what could destroy your life — sin.
Today’s thought: When you flee temptation, don’t leave a forwarding address.


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