“A Packed House”

 Mark 1
In Mark chapter one Jesus begins in ministry. He begins in Galilee by proclaiming what prophets of old predicted: “the kingdom of God is at hand.” Next, Jesus calls his disciples and now that he had a following, he begins healing and casting out demons. The entire point of demon possession was to show that Jesus had power over all things – both physical and spiritual. However, he didn’t only heal, he taught the people and crowds that gathered. This is evident when we read what happened after Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. Following healing her, scripture tells us that the whole city was gathered together at the door of Peter’s house. The people had heard of the power of Jesus and wanted to see what it was all about. Jesus no longer walks about Earth healing and casting out demons – he relies on us to show his power, his love and his service to others. When the world sees his power through us – people will gather and then Jesus can show his true power in bringing them into his kingdom.   -MB


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