“Giving Our Best”


We read in Mark 14 of many things that occur right before Jesus’ death.  He institutes the Lords Supper, tells of Peters denial, and we also read of Jesus’ betrayer and His arrest.  This chapter is packed with so much that we sometimes underestimate the significant lesson at the beginning of the chapter. In vs. 3 we see how a woman anoints Jesus with a very expensive anointment.  Well, what’s the big deal about that right?  It was a very big deal.  For this woman, the alabaster flask was likely a treasured possession.  It was her best!  She showed Jesus in this one action her love and devotion for Him.  This is such a great example of how as Christians we should give our very best for Jesus.  We need to realize He gave his all for us, so we need to give Him our very best.


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