“The Little Things”

Text: Mark 12:41-44
The story of the widow’s offering, or “mite”, as many of us learned growing up, is a well-known part of scripture. This bible story is so memorable for young children in bible class because they can relate to putting in a penny or some coins into the offering at some point in their young life. We really don’t know much about this woman, other than she was a widow. That fact alone tells us much about the likelihood of her life and what she didn’t have. The treasury was in the inner part of the temple where coffers were place around the room and contributions for different purposes were given. I’m sure there were a variety of attitudes displayed on any occasion when people would bring their offerings to this spot, but here we have a small, unnoticed, uncared for woman who hardly counted as a person in her society. The term “mite” is a word used in the King James bible to describe the equivalent of a few minutes work. No doubt this small amount counted for very little in society. But that’s where Jesus comes in. Jesus recognized the small, unnoticed, and uncared for things. Jesus knew the heart of this woman just like he knows our hearts today. What we see as a big offering, in reality, may not be that big. What we see as small and insignificant, may actually be a really big opportunity to prove our love for Christ. As we finish out our week, let’s look for these “little things” that make a big difference.


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