BIBLE READING:  Ezekiel 1-4
                We just never know what kind of opportunities God is going to place in our path.  Ezekiel was a priest who was at the right age to begin his work as priest.  This was something that he had been looking forward too, as well as, been trained to do.  However, things were not the way he once thought they would be.  Now, there was no Temple for him to work in, there was no altar for him to offer any sacrifices.  In fact, he is not even in the land that he had called home for the most part of his life. He is now in the land of Babylon as an exile in their captivity.  While there he still sought to do his Godly duty of prayer along with many of the other exiles.  They had chosen the canal at the Chebar River as the place that they would all gather for prayer.   It was there that God intervened and gave Ezekiel his new assignment.   He would no longer be a priest like he had planned to do all his life; he would now be God’s spokesman for the people as a prophet.  Just so we understand, being a prophet was not a very easy occupation for someone to consider.  More times than not, their message was not one that was very pleasant and if we have learned anything from Jeremiah, people usually did not listen.  Yet here we find Ezekiel…ready, but if we are being honest with ourselves, somewhat afraid.  He knows that this job will not be an easy one, but he also realizes this is what Jehovah God wants him to do.  The lesson for us today is this; our lives rarely play out exactly the way we want or expect them to.  There are times when God intervenes and presents us with an opportunity or a direction that He wants us to go.  Brethren, if God wants us to go, we can’t help but go!  Just like Ezekiel, we just never know what opportunities God is going to place within our path.

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