“Humble, Damaged & Afraid”

BIBLE READING: Isaiah 64-68
                 As Isaiah closes out his book, he gives his people a clear understanding of what God is looking for out of His people.  “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at My word” (Isaiah 66.2b).  The same message could be said for us in the church today.  If we want God to “look” or show favor to us, we must take on these types of qualities within our lives.  To be “humble”, means lowly our depressed.  It expresses feelings of understanding just how big God is and how unworthy we are of His love.  To be “contrite in spirit”, indicates that we are damaged, maimed and broken, with Him being our only means of repair.  Finally, to “tremble” at His word, gives the impression of a “reverential fear”.  That means that we are fully aware of the awesome power that is contained within His word.  Today, if we realize how unworthy and broken we are and if we understand that His Word alone is what can fix us, then we will begin to live a life that shows our appreciation for God’s sacrifice for us and cause Him to look upon us!
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