“A New Covenant”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 30-31
                The LORD declares to Jeremiah not only the things that are shortly to come to pass with the nation of Israel and Judah, but He also points him into the blessings of the future with a new covenant.  This new covenant will not be like the old one that God gave to His people as they came out of Egypt, because they have already broken that covenant.  This one will not be written on tablets of stone but will be written on their hearts.  This covenant will also be different in that it will not be just for the Jews, but this will be for everyone.  By this time, all the nations of the earth will know who God is and that He is the forgiver of iniquities.  You can imagine, the look of happiness and joy that must have been on the face of Jeremiah as he hears about this new covenant.  Sadly, Jeremiah would never be able to physically see that day; but we have!  Today, we are no longer serving under the Old Covenant of the Law but are now under the New Covenant of grace and mercy that was brought about by the shedding of Christ’s blood.  We are now living under this covenant!  However, the lesson for us today is have we learned from the mistakes of those that have gone before us?  Will we accept and keep this covenant, or will we disobey it as our fathers did?  We see that because of their disobedience, God had to send judgment upon them. He will do the exact same thing today if we break this new covenant.  Oh, we won’t be sent into bondage by our neighboring nations, we will be sent into the eternal damnation of Hell.  Let’s make sure we do our best to not fall away as the Israelites did, but stay as faithful as possible so we do not suffer a worse fate.
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