“The Word Remains…”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 35-37
                Have you ever read a passage of Scripture that you wish wasn’t there?  Maybe it was something that when you read it, you were so upset about it being there that you wish you could just rip out that page so you would never have to read it again.  We have all heard of people who have torn out pages of their Bible, thinking if it wasn’t in their Bible they would not be held accountable for the words on those pages.  Doesn’t that sound facetious?  Yet that is exactly what the King did to the words that God gave to Jeremiah to write on a scroll.  Jeremiah dictates Gods message to Baruch because he is not allowed to go the House of the LORD.  Then he tells Baruch to go to the men of Judah and read the scroll in the hearing of all the people in hopes that they will humble themselves and turn back to God.  When the king seizes the scroll and reads it for himself, he doesn’t like what he reads. He begins to tear the scroll into pieces and toss it into the fire to destroy it.  Jeremiah just took another scroll and repeated what was in it.  You see, just because you may destroy the pages or ignore the words, doesn’t mean that they just disappear.  The Bible is the “inspired Word of God” (2 Timothy 3.16).  Even though heaven and earth may pass away, My Words will never pass away (Matthew 24.35).  It is best to just face the music and allow the messages that are contained with our Bibles to affect us to the point that we not ignore them, but allow them to transform us into what God wants us to be.   Even if we rip them out of our Bibles and even toss them into the fire, they remain and nothing we can ever do will be able to change that.
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