“Too Late For HIM…Not Us”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 38-40; Psalm 74,79
                Warning after warning, after warning; and he still did not listen!  As I continue to read through the book of Jeremiah, I keep asking myself “Why…why did Zedekiah not listen to the words of God through the mouth of Jeremiah?”  God gave him ample time to humble himself with the assurance that if he did, he and his family would survive, yet because of arrogance and unbelief he did not listen.  As we read in Jeremiah 39, it is too late for him to change.  King Nebuchadnezzar slaughters the son of Zedekiah right in front of his eyes, and then he gouges out Zedekiah eyes so that the last thing he sees is the death of his sons.  How horrible, how painful, how miserable it must have been for him to have to endure.  Not to mention the painful thoughts of regret he must have had the last days of his life of knowing all of this could have been avoided if he had just heeded the message of Jeremiah.  This is only a small parallel to the pain many will have after the day of judgment. When all those billions and billions of souls are sent to Hell and are left with an eternity of regret, knowing all this could have been avoidable.   I pray that all those who read this devotional thought take a moment to evaluate your life.  Make sure you are listening and obeying the word of the LORD, so you are not left with an eternity of regret.  It was too late for Zedekiah, but it isn’t too late for us.
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