“Good Fig or Bad Fig”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 23-25
                In Jeremiah 24, God sends a vision to the prophet of two baskets of figs that were placed before the Temple.  One basket was full of good figs, yet the other basket was full of bad figs that could not be eaten.  The meaning of the vision was directed towards those exiled from Judah that would be sent to Babylon.  The good figs are compared to those that go away into exile; these are the ones that accept their punishment for the LORD and do what they are told.  The bad figs were compared to Zedekiah and his officials, as well as all of those who tried to remain in Jerusalem or hide out in Egypt.  These are the ones that are not accepting the punishment of the LORD and did not regard His Word.  We have a very similar comparison that we use today, yet we compare it to a different fruit… apples.  The good apples are the ones that are seeking to follow the will of the LORD, while the bad apples are those that refuse or ignore His will.  We also all know that one bad apple can contaminate the goods one.   We must make sure that we do our best to keep our hearts good and pure and not allow those bad influences (I Corinthians 15.33) to contaminate us.  If the LORD was referring to you today, would He consider you the good fruit or the bad?
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