BIBLE READING: Ezekiel 5-8

                In Ezekiel 8, the Lord gives the prophet some insight as to what has been going on inside the House of the Lord.  In this vision he leads Ezekiel through a hole in the wall and allows him to see what the people are doing.  Inside he sees all sorts of abominations of creeping things, beasts and idols inside the LORD’s House.  The vision that he sees continues to grow worse. In Ezekiel 8.13 the Lord said, “You will see still greater abominations that they commit.”  As we all gather together to worship each Sunday and Wednesday, it would be terrible for us to see idols in place of the pulpit or the Lord’s Table.  We would have a rather difficult time trying to understand why someone would do such a thing.  Yet, I wonder what sort of abominations the Lord would find within our hearts?  Would he see the abomination of lust, greed, selfishness, and other forms of idolatry within our lives?  That is the only House that God is concerned with.  The nation of Israel and Judah were punished for their involvement with these abominations. We still have time to avoid God’s wrath.  What kind of abominations do you have within your Temple? You best get rid of them while you still have time.
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