“God’s Plan”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 49-50
                As strange as it might have seemed, the LORD has used a pagan nation to teach the children of Israel what happened when they turn aside to idols.  However, don’t think that God is going to allow Babylon off the hook for their own sins.  In Jeremiah 50, God begins the pronouncement of judgment on Babylon as well. He wants to ensure that they know “…Babylon has become a horror to the nations…” (Jeremiah 50.23) and “I am against you” (Jeremiah 50.31).  Even though God is using them to teach a lesson to His people, He wants to make sure that they cannot escape judgment either.  This all fits into God’s plan.   In Jeremiah 50.45 He says, “Therefore hear the plan that the LORD has made against Babylon, and the purposes He has formed against the Chaldeans”.  God has plans for all of us, whether we serve Him or not.  That brings about good news and bad news.  The good news is that if we are not walking in His ways, He gives us ample opportunity to turn back and follow in His footsteps so His plan can work to our benefit.  The bad news is that if we don’t live according to His plan, we are faced with a worse judgment than the Babylonians were faced with.  What is God’s plan for you?
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