“Speak Up!”

BIBLE READING:  Jeremiah 14-17
Throughout his ministry, Jeremiah had to endure intense persecution because of his stand for God’s word to him (15:15).  Jeremiah knew that his life was in danger and yet he chose to serve God. He never wavered from telling his people of their wrongs with little fear for his own life. Jeremiah loved his people and Jerusalem.
Today, we have similar opportunities in America, our country that we love. We have all of God’s word, in the Bible, and we know what He expects of us. As you see our people in America doing things that are against God’s word, what do you do?  Does it make you sad as it did Jeremiah, when he saw his people worshiping other gods? Do you stand up against the evil that is entering into our society? Does the fear of persecution sway you into being silent? The heavenly rewards of speaking up far outweigh the earthly gain of remaining silent.  What do you think God expects us to do?
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