"What God is Not"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 23-25

                When one begins to reflect on just how magnificent God is, it is easy to get so caught up in what He is that we forget what He is not as well.  In Balaam’s discourse to Balak, he reminds us of something so simple that we tend to forget.  He said, “God is not a man…” (Numbers 23.19). Those words should offer us a great deal of comfort.  How many times have we been let down by humanity?  Human beings tend to disappoint us, even when they have no intention to do so.  However, God is not a man.  God will never let us down or disappoint us, and as Balaam said, He cannot lie. That should come as a comfort to us, because the Bible is full of many great and precious promises that God has made to His people.   If God ever failed to follow through with even one of those promises, that would make Him a liar.  How blessed we are to have a God that “is not a man”. 


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