"Be Patient"

BIBLE READING: Joshua 12-15                         
                 We see a list of kings that have been defeated in the time of Moses. Then we see a list of kings that were defeated in the time of Joshua. Joshua is getting old and tired at this point in the book, and all the land has not been conquered yet. It will be in the time of Solomon before it is all taken. But it’s at this point in the story that we see Caleb get his inheritance. Remember, Caleb was one of the two spies that said we can take Cannon, 40 years earlier. Joshua was chosen to lead God’s people after the death of Moses. Why not Caleb? Do you think he wondered why he wasn’t chosen? Caleb didn’t complain, he just waited patiently for his time and his inheritance. He had even told Moses years ago that he wanted this mountain where the giants live. Why? Probably because he knew they could take the giants over 40 years ago so he wanted to take them now. Did the Lord bless Caleb? Yes, he felt as good in his 80’s as he did in his 40’s. He is ready for the fight to claim his land. We should be this way as Christians. A fight is coming our way, with Satan. He stands in the way of us and our inheritance. But if we trust God and stay ready, we will defeat Satan and claim what God has prepared for us.
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