"Do You Jump to Conclusions?"

BIBLE READING: Joshua 22-24           
                 The eastern tribes were returning home after a long time of fighting and being away from their families. As a remembrance and memorial to God they built a monument. The other tribes got the wrong idea of what that monument was for. They believed it was opposite of what God would want. So now they are ready to go to war with their brothers. Sometimes we just jump to conclusions way too soon. This could have ended up in a civil war and much bloodshed. Phinehas the Priest showed a cool head and wanted to talk to both sides and get a better understanding of what the intentions were of both sides. After talking to both sides he realized it was just a misunderstanding. All were living for God and praising Him. This is why we need calm rational people to think before we react. We need to hear both sides of an argument before we jump to a judgment. The last thing we need is Christians arguing with Christians.
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