"The Church, A City of Refuge"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 35-36

               The “cities of refuge” that are mentioned in today’s reading, consisted of six Levitical towns, in which a person who was guilty of an accidental homicide could flee to and find safety and refuge.  Outside of these cities, blood vengeance was allowed within the confines of the Law of Moses.  We really don’t read of any Bible characters taking advantage of such a place, but there must have been some instances where they did but God did not deem it necessary for us to know.  So, what is the application for us today?  Although we don’t have any specific cities that have been labeled as “cities of refuge”, we do have a place that we can find refuge in the church.  All of us are guilty of sin and sin is what nailed Jesus to the cross, so in essence, we are guilty of the death of Christ.  The only way for us to find refuge and safety with the body of Christ itself, is the church.  Those who are outside the church leave themselves open to retribution, but inside the church, we find grace and mercy. Keep yourself within the refuge that is the body of Christ.


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