"Time to Clean House"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 33-34

                As the book of Numbers draws to a close, God begins to give His people final instructions as they prepare to enter the Promised Land.  His instructions are very clear; when you go into the land of Canaan…” CLEAN HOUSE”.  He wanted them to drive the Canaanites out of the land, “destroy all of their figured stones and destroy all of their molten images and demolish their high places” (Numbers 33.52) God didn’t want any remnants left of the Canaanite’s pagan civilization.  God knew that if they did not do exactly what He asked, that the idolatry would slowly creep back into their lives.  God gives us the same instructions when we allow the Holy Spirit to come into our lives.  He wants us to lay aside all the deeds of this life so that we completely clean out all the residuals of our former life.  When we become Christians, the blood of Jesus washes our sins away.  This allows the Holy Spirit to live within our lives, if we have any of the bad habits, poor relationship or circumstances of our previous life, there is a danger of sin creeping back into our lives.  Let’s make sure that we keep our spiritual houses clean.


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