"Laws Concerning Vow"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 28-30

                What is a vow?  It seems like the only time we use the word “vow”, is when we are at a wedding ceremony referring to the vows that husband and wife make to each other.  The word simply means “promise”, and even though it is only three little letters, it is a BIG WORD!  The promises that we make to our spouses are extremely important, as are those vows we make to God.  Several years ago while at a lectureship, I remember hearing someone refer to the act of baptism as the believers wedding ceremony. That is a very interesting way to look at it, but it does make a great deal of sense.  When you are making vows to your spouse, you are promising that you will be faithful to them and never leave or forsake them.  You are joining the two beings into one.  That is the same thing that happens when a believer takes on our Lord in baptism; we make promises and allow Jesus to become part of our life (Galatians 2.20).  In the passage of reading today, God is revealing to us just how important it is for us to keep our vows.  Think back to the time when you first became a Christian. The vows you made that day were to God.  Have you been keeping those vows, or have you strayed away and become unfaithful?  Jesus offers us an opportunity to renew those vows and make sure we are living up to our end of the bargain, because we know that He will.


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