"Don't Underestimate the Enemy"

BIBLE READING: Joshua 5-8                  
                 A whole new generation circumcised after they crossed the Jordan. Why? Well the obvious reason is that God needs a commitment from us. Why did He wait until they were in enemy territory? The reason is, God will take care of us in any situation. He wants to take care of us. By performing surgery on these men, in enemy territory, they had to totally depend on God to protect them. We must lean on the Lord with 100% confidence. After this they began to celebrate the Passover again. Maybe we all need to come back to basics and renew our spirit and draw near to God.
When God is put first in our lives we can handle the battles. Jericho falls to God’s people because they obeyed every rule God gave them. From how many times to march around the wall to how quiet to be while walking. But at AI, which should have been an easy win, God’s people suffered a defeat because of sin in the camp. The children of God also underestimated the enemy. After correcting all of that and preparing for battle, God’s people win! We must get rid of sin in our lives and never underestimate the enemy.
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