"Keep Your Promises"

BIBLE READING: Joshua 9-11         
                 In chapter 9 we see the Gibeonites are scared of God’s people so they lie to them. They do this so they won’t be killed. Here we see God’s people enter into an agreement without asking God. They get tricked and are not able to fulfill God’s plan in this situation. We do see that God is serious about promises. God’s people made an agreement and God stuck to it even though it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. We must stick to our promises that we make to God. When we are baptized we promise God that we will do our very best to follow Him. Are you doing your very best? Please understand that NOTHING is impossible for God. We see the sun stand still and we see the Northern Kingdom defeated because God is powerful and fulfills His promises. If we take our vow to God just as serious, our lives will be full of great things such as love, compassion and good works, instead of selfishness and sin.
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