"Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

BIBLE READING: Joshua 19-21
                 Under the old law you had to have cities of refuge. Places to go after someone had been killed and you had been the one to kill them. It was a place where you could get a fair trial; a fair decision on guilt or innocence. The key was you had to get to those cities before you were killed by the family that had lost a loved one. Today we find people guilty through the media or by gossip. We don’t usually wait on the facts, we just like the gossip. Today if someone is accused of something they are treated as if they are guilty even if they are found innocent. It’s sad but that is the way of our world. As Christians, we should be the opposite of that. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Maybe we should remember that we are Christians and should not indulge in juicy gossip.
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