"The Song of Moses"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 14-15; Psalm 90

                The book of Psalms is simply a collection of songs that were penned primarily by David. However, the reading today has the unique designation to be attributed to Moses.  This song was written as a lament of how the children of Israel had failed in the first quest of Canaan because of their lack of faith (the reading for the day in Numbers).  The song pleads with God to have pity upon His people and to bless them. It would do well for us as readers of this psalm today to figuratively imagine ourselves on the banks of the Jordan getting ready to cross whatever perceived obstacles that are in our way. Also, knowing that the only way we will be able to succeed in the quest, is if we embrace the covenant we have made with God and trust that if we place our faith in Him, we will be blessed.  Sadly, that is a task that the children of Israel did not perform.  Pray today that your faith will like that of Joshua and Caleb, knowing that the Lord will deliver on His promises without fail.


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