Wednesday - August 17, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Matthew 18:12


Everyone has that drawer in their house.  You know the one - the “JUNK” drawer. It’s the place where things end up that don’t have a "place." The drawer can become pretty crowded too. So many useless things sharing space that it’s hard to find anything. Yet, when you need a certain mechanical pencil for your child to do their homework, you will search and search diligently, looking for that ONE pencil, as if it had great value.

As I listen to the news these days, I wonder if God sees this world as one big “JUNK” drawer. A place crowded with bad attitudes, selfishness, pride and many lost souls. But in the parable of the lost sheep, we are told how important it is to focus on finding the lost ONE. It’s worth the digging to bring home the ONE. As we walk through this life, make the extra efforts needed to find the lost ONES. It might get a little messy as you dig through the crowd, but it is worth it!

APPLICATION: Do you know of someone that used to be a faithful Christian who has gone astray? Send them a text, email or Facebook message and invite them to church this Sunday.

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