Thursday - August 18, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Mark 11:25

MAIN IDEA: “Out of Alignment”

A while back I kept having trouble with my garage doors. Some days I would press the garage door opener and everything worked great. Other days, the opener would click and clack while a light flickered on and off. I figured out that something had hit the laser beams that point towards each other and had them out of alignment. When the beams are not properly aligned, I can push that button all I want and nothing is going to happen.

We often see that in our prayer lives. We pray ad we pray and sometimes nothing happens. There could be many reasons why nothing happens. But, one of the reasons could be that sin in our lives is keeping us separated from God. Withholding forgiveness is one of those reasons that could be hindering your prayer life. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive others, but confession and repentance are necessary to bring us back into the proper alignment with our Father. Once our spiritual lives are properly aligned, doors can be opened to us through sincere and fervent prayers.

Who is the person you dislike the most in your life? Are you holding on to bad feelings about them? Have they wronged you in some way? Make the conscious effort to forgive them in order to be obedient today. It might take time, but each day forgive them in your heart and eventually you will truly forgive.

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