Saturday - August 27, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Matthew 4:1-11

Recently I had a Bible study with a young woman who was trying to get her life back on track after several years of being unfaithful. She was having a hard time having any success, because every time she began to make some progress, something would happen and cause her to have a massive setback. She asked me why that seemed to be the case? My response was simple, it was the Devil!  I don’t mean that he was making her fall, but the moment she decided to get her house in order she became a threat to his plan. 

We mistakenly think that Satan works really hard on those people who we would classify as nonbelievers, but in my opinion, that’s incorrect. While someone is an unbeliever they aren’t a threat to the Devil, but when they believe his plans must adjust. For instance, why don’t we read anything about the teenage and young adult life of Jesus? Maybe it was because before His ministry, Jesus wasn’t a threat? Don’t misunderstand stand me, He was still the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. But maybe God had kept Jesus a secret to the Devil? Remember, there are some things that not even the Devil knows about God’s plan. However, you will notice in Matthew 4 we have Satan tempting Jesus. Why? Could it be that because of what was at the end of Matthew 3: The baptism of Jesus….the coronation of His ministry.  Now Jesus becomes a threat, A HUGE THREAT, to Satan’s plan!  So when you feel that Satan is working overtime on you, or you feel that he has gone into a full court press, consider it an honor, or as James puts it, a joy (James 1:2-4)You are officially a threat! 

Application: How have you been a threat this week?

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