Monday - August 22, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  John 1:43-51

Recently I had someone come up to me at a ball game and call me by name, ask me how my ministry was going, ask me how my family was doing, and recall details about my life that only someone who knows me would know; yet I had no knowledge of who that person was.  It was very frustrating knowing that someone knew who I was, yet I had no recollection of them.  Yet it wasn’t strange for Nathaniel in John 1.  In fact, it was inspiring. In the story, Phillip brings Nathaniel to Jesus to introduce them, yet for Jesus no introduction was needed.  “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit.” A confused Nathaniel asks, “How do you know me?”  An excited Jesus replies, “Before Phillip called you, when you were under the fig tree I saw you.”  Something Jesus said hit Nathaniel like a ton of bricks; this man knew him.  Could it have been that Nathaniel had hid himself under a fig tree to pray and within that prayer said something to God about not having any deceit within him? Well, we will never know this side of eternity if that was the case or not; but what we do know is that Christ’s words meant something to Nathaniel.  “Rabbi, you are the Son of God, You are the King of Israel” (John 1:49). 

Application: Over and over within the life of Christ we see that He knows the thoughts and intents of our lives.  In Nathaniel’s case, this was a good thing, but what about yours?  

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