Monday - August 8, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Philippians 1:11


I vividly recall the last event I conducted as Youth Minister.  I had carried a van load of teens to Evangelism University in Savannah, Tennessee.   We worshiped with the group that Sunday morning and had begun the ninety-minute drive back to Florence.  I faintly remember thinking early that morning that I had better gas the van up before we head home, but my mind was full of other things.  As I drove back I began to reminisce about all the kids that had been a part of our ministry over the years.  I remembered all the good that I had done, all of the kids that I had helped.  I had been very proud of all of my accomplishments and was excited to start my new ministry preaching.  As I was gazing out onto the long Savannah Highway contemplating all of the good that I had done, the van began to shimmy.  The steering wheel grew tight and the van went dead.  The kids woke up from their after event nap on the ride home wondering if we had a flat or had hit a deer.  I, too, echoed those questions in my mind until I noticed the gas gauge.  My heart sank!  I had run out of gas!  It was embarrassing having to call the parents and youth deacons to come and give me road side assistance as I stood stranded on the side of the road.  How could I have ever let that happen?  I was usually very careful and observant to what was going on around me, but not this time.  This time my ego had kicked in and I fell into the ME TRAP.   I had become so consumed with myself that I had forgotten the one thing that I needed to make the van go…fuel! 

You have been there haven’t you? Maybe not on the side of the road, but you have been there; stranded, going nowhere, not having the proper fuel to help you move in a positive direction, spiritually speaking.  As Christians, we run out of our spiritual fuel when we become so consumed with our selves.  We forget that we need to take the time “fill up” our hearts and our minds with the Word of God.  Paul says in Philippians 1.11 that we need to be “…filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ….” Jesus is the only thing that can keep us from being stranded and running on empty (spiritually speaking). Instead of being preoccupied with ourselves, let’s take just a few moments to make sure we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead and get a proper “fill up” from the word of God.

Other than attending worship service, what are some real world ways we can make sure we never run out of our “spiritual go juice”?

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