Zechariah and Elizabeth were a happily married couple.  In vs 5 it says they were both righteous before God.  But there was something missing for them. They had always wanted a child. In vs 7 it tells that they were advanced in age so I’m sure they had been discouraged for quite some time.  Zechariah never lost hope.  In vs 13 an angel tells Zechariah that his prayer had been heard.  They would have a child.  Zechariah remained faithful in his work for God and in his prayers for a child.  He could have easily become angry with God.  He could have stopped working for the Lord, stopped praying.  He could have just given up.  Zechariah remained faithful for many years, even when he had discouragement and sadness.  He never gave up.  As Christians there will be times of sadness and discouragement, times we could just throw up our hands and say I’m done.  Let’s look at Zechariahs example and know God is there and he hears our prayers.  We should NEVER GIVE UP!


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