“Distractions, Distractions”

                We have all been there!  At some point in time we have all adjusted the volume of our radio, checked the status of a quick text message or even dropped part of the burrito we are trying to eat while driving onto our pants.  All it takes is just one quick glance off the road to make a small adjustment and then before we know it, we have run off the road, or worse, have had an accident.  In today’s world of having technology at our fingertips, it is very easy for us to get distracted while we are driving.  In fact, we even see warnings on billboards and hear commercials on our radios to help prevent us from falling into that trap. Yet, in most cases we continually ignore those warnings thinking we can handle it.  In our story today, we find Martha being distracted by all the work that needed to be done around the house while Jesus was there.  She had food to cook, things to clean and people to serve, yet she was so caught up in all those needed things, she forgot the most needed thing… Jesus.  Wouldn’t it have been great if she had a warning system like we do today to prevent her from being distracted.  She did! Take another look.  She had food to cook, for Jesus!  She had things to clean, for Jesus.  She had people to serve, among whom was Jesus.  She had all the warnings that she needed, but just like us she ignored them. Today, it is so easy for us to allow ourselves to get distracted.  At times, we like Martha, allow ourselves to get distracted by a bunch of good things that we need to do.  However, we can never allow ourselves to forget just why we do them.  We do all the good that we do, for Him.


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