BIBLE READING: Mark 13- Luke 1
This past week we have read of some great examples in the bible.  We read in Mark 13 about us being ready and being prepared for when Jesus returns.  We need to all stay awake!  In Mark 14 we read of one action having such an impact.  How this woman gave her very best to Jesus because of her love for Him.  In Mark 15 we read of Pontius Pilate and his desire to keep his power.  He loved his power and did not want to give it up even if that meant sending an innocent man to be crucified.  In Mark 16 we see the love and devotion that three women had for Jesus.  In Luke 1 we see of a man named Zechariah that never gave up.  He remained faithful to God, working for the Lord and praying to God for a child.  It amazes me at all the examples we have in just these 5 chapters.  I always look for examples of people when I do my bible studies.  It is what I connect with.  The people and their situations.  How they handled things, what they did for Jesus.  But of course, there is no greater example than Jesus himself.  We read this past week of all He went through and did just for us. I pray we never ever forget all he has done.  I pray we never forget of His example. 


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