“A Flood of Temptation”


                As you read this devotional for the day, chances are it is raining; if it isn’t it will be soon.  I say that tongue in cheek because our area has seen more rain in the last several weeks than it has even seen on record.  It has rained so much that they had to open every spill way possible of our local dam just to keep our area from flooding.  It was said that the water passing through those spill ways was a million gallons of water per second.  There was so much water that several roads collapsed due to erosion that the flooding had caused.  Automobiles were being carried off by the power of the flood waters and several homes were either destroyed or damage due to flooding.  In our area we were lucky because it could have easily been worse.  Our Lord knew the power that lies behind a flood.  After all, He destroyed the world using a flood in the days of Noah.  I wonder if those images were playing over and over in His mind as He teaches them this parable in Luke 6.48-49.  Jesus knows that if we do not have a strong and biblical foundation, the floods waters of sin and temptation will slowly erode our spiritual house causing it to fall.  A flood just doesn’t happen suddenly, it is a gradual process that occurs over a period.  It begins with one raindrop, then another, then another and another, until the current of the waters becomes strong enough to inflict damage.  That is why it is so important that we must make sure we have a strong spiritual foundation.  Because one day, temptation will rain again and again until it becomes so much temptation that it will feel like a flood trying to sweep us away.   Make sure your foundation rests upon Jesus, because He is the only one that can protect you from the flood that is about to occur.


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