“Master, the Tempest”

I will have to admit, if I had been in the boat with the disciples when the winds and waves picked up, I would have been terrified.  Just seeing the power of the wind and the water as it began to fill up the boat, I don’t know how I would have been able to control my emotions.  That is why I feel like I can empathize with them as they shouted out to Jesus “Master…we are perishing!”.  I can imagine the impatience that they must have displayed as the sought to rouse Jesus up from His sleep.  Then how that impatience quickly turned into astonishment when they witness His power as the winds and the waves obey His voice.  Shame could have been the next emotion expressed by the disciples as they hear the words of Jesus in His rebuke of them “Where is your faith?”  How is it possible that they had forgotten just who it was that was in that boat with them?  We know that they had already seen the power of God displayed through Him as they had witnessed His other miracles, so how could they have forgotten the power that was with them the whole time? In hindsight it is hard for us to understand, but in reality, we fall into the same trap.  We fear the waves and the water that this world throws at us as our lives get to the point that we feel we are sinking, drowning in our problems.  Yet, we too forget just who it is we have with us as well.  The same rebuke of the disciples is the same rebuke that He would issue to us, “Where is our faith?” May we never forget just who it is in our boat!


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