“The Heart of the Sermon on the Mount”



                The reading this week contains Luke’s account of the Sermon on the Mount.  Although much smaller than Matthew’s account in Matthew 5-7, it still has some of the same foundation points; the Beatitudes, His comments on loving your enemy, Judging based on appearances and a tree is known for its fruit.  In summary, Jesus is wanting us to understand that His message is not a new law, but a fulfillment of the old one.  He is revealing to us that a true love for Him revolves around our behavior towards others.  In Luke’s account, Jesus is reminding us that love is shown in our actions.  Our love towards one another will separate us from the rest of the world.  The late TB Larimore (founder of Mars Hill Bible School) used to say, “We will love each other, and love will rule the school.”  That is exactly what the sermon on the mount is all about, allowing love to rule our lives.  Wouldn’t our homes, our churches and our country be a better place if we just let love rule?


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