“Doing What You Do”


        Imagine that you are standing on the banks of the Jordan River, when you see a large man wearing a coat of camel hair wade into to water. “Repent!” He says in a loud obnoxious tone. “Repent! Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand”.  The more he talks, the louder and more animated he becomes. You stand in awe of not only how he looks, but with what passion he is shouting to you and to anyone that will listen.  You can’t help but stare, even though you know that it’s rude.  You watch his mannerisms, you hear his words, and you are captivated by His message. You physically can’t take your eyes off him.  Whether you believed in what John said, or whether you didn’t, he was impossible to ignore!  In the eyes of God…Mission Accomplished! John was just fulfilling what he was called to do “preparing the way of the Lord, making His paths straight” (Luke 3.4).   There are a lot of things that John is not; he wasn’t a fisherman, or a tentmaker, or a tax collector.  We don’t even know if he had any type of formal education to prepare him for his job.  All we know is that John used what he knew how to do to accomplish God’s Will.  In the end, that is the same thing that God wants out of us.  Just think of how many people came to know Jesus because of John.  I would suppose that you would not even be able to put a number on it.  If we just simply do what we know how to, and do it for the glory of God, there is no telling how many we can reach as well. 


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