“What’s Your Choice?”

Matthew 16:26
It would be hard to find another verse in the Bible that more clearly lays out our options in this life with reference to eternal life.  Anyone who has a working knowledge of Christianity is aware of the final destinies of the soul.  Even though this verse isn't stated as a choice, it clearly is.
If a person's passion in life is to acquire great wealth, this will guide the kind of life he will live.  On the other hand, if a person wants to go to heaven, this desire will shape his life as well.  Jesus makes it clear that you can't have both.  Even if it were possible to embrace the wealth of the whole world, would that buy back a man's soul? 
Fortunes can be made and lost, but each person has only one soul.  To lay up treasure in heaven to have it forever.  No one can "buy back" his soul after it has been lost. The great lesson taught here is to pay attention to the eternal and use the things of this world in such a way that we will not forfeit the everlasting reward of a life well lived.


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