“Jesus is the Answer”

BIBLE READING: Matthew 6-10

As we have found within our readings this week, Jesus is the Key to the fulfillment of God’s Plan.  He came into this world with a unique authority, a unique message and a unique love.  If we follow Jesus, we will not only have an amazing life that is full of fulfillment, we will also enjoy an amazing life to come.  However, even though following Jesus seems to be our clear-cut answer to all our problems, that does not mean that following Him will be easy.  Even from His early followers we see that there is a cost to following Jesus (Matthew 8.18-22) and even then, persecution will follow us (Matthew 10.16-25).  It still will be worth all the trials and temptations we will face, because we know that we matter to Him (Matthew 10.26-33).  Even though it will be a difficult road, it is one that we must follow and can follow is we “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…” (Matthew 6.33)


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