"Following the Right One"

Reading:  Matthew 1-5
Text:        Matthew 2.1-2 
In every century since the birth of Christ, the wise have sought Jesus. The Wise Men followed the star God set in the heavens to lead them to the babe.  Since that time, wise people have followed the Bible that has been set before us to guide all us to Christ.  If the Magi had followed another star, they would not have found the child they sought.  If we follow some way other than the Bible, we will find a different God than the One we seek.
Unfortunately, there are those who would lead us away from Christ and God.  It would be impossible to know all the reasons or beliefs that people have in leading us away from God.  However, we can know the right way and the right motivations for finding and following Christ.  The Bible leads us to Him and instructs us what to do when we find Him.  No other way is right or safe.
Jesus and His disciples used the word "beware" often to warn of the deeds of those who wished to overthrow the kingdom of God.  Beware the scribes and Pharisees, beware men who will deliver you over to be flogged, beware the leaven of the Pharisees, beware false prophets, and on the list goes.
When we find the way to Jesus let us guard it, keep it pure, and share it with others.                                                                                                            -TM


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