“Are You Producing Good Fruit? ”

 Matthew 7:15-20
Jesus condemned hypocritical judging wherein one condemns another while engaging is similar or more grievous sins.  We tend to have lofty standards for others that somehow don't apply to us.  Our text for today is very simple, judge people by what they do.
Too many times we judge others on what we think they are thinking or what they intended by something they did.  All this is speculation.  I can't read minds or the intents of the heart.
However, it is easy to see what people do.  Christ says here that we will know everyone by their fruits.  If they are good, so is the tree (person).  If they are bad, the tree is bad.  If a tree is bearing bad fruit it is to be "hewn" down and cast into the fire.  It is our mission to help people distinguish good and bad fruit (of others and their own) in order to continue to do God's good work or to change from bad to good through God's guidance.


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