BIBLE READING: Matthew 16-20

As we have finished up this week’s reading of Matthew 16-20, we have seen now that Jesus has foretold of His death and resurrection three times.  One would think that by now His disciples would begin to take him seriously, yet in all three it seems that his statements are either rebuked or ignored.  Let’s make sure we aren’t too critical of these disciples handling of Jesus’s comments, because I feel that we are guilty of the same thing.  We read about the impending judgement; repeatedly, we hear lessons about us giving account for our sins on a regular basis and we even have the faith concerning the events that will happen on the judgement day.  Yet how often do we seem to ignore the command to share the Gospel?  How often do we continue in the same sin with a mindset that grace will cover us?  How many times are we unwilling to forgive those that have sinned against us even though we have been warned countless times?  You see, the disciples are not the only ones that are taking Jesus’s words for granted. 


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