“Two Empty Places”

Reading:  Matthew 1-2
Text:        Matthew 1.18-21

There is another side to the story of Jesus.  Many want the baby, but not the Man.  They will celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, but they reject Him as Lord and King (Acts 2:14-47).
Two empty places are important all year long: the empty manger and the empty tomb.  Jesus did not stay in the manger.  He grew up and led a perfect, sinless life.  He conducted a ministry of teaching and healing.  Finally, He died on the cross as a sacrifice so that we may be forgiven of our sins.  Neither did Jesus remain in the tomb.  Because He was resurrected, His birth, life, and death mean something.  Though Jesus Christ may not be wanted by everyone in this world, He is desperately needed.  (Mark16:15)
In this New Year, we need to accept Jesus in all His life and in all His roles.  The blessed and tender baby of Bethlehem, the thought-provoking preacher and teacher, the abused and crucified Jesus of Calvary, and the triumphant resurrected Son of God.  As we ponder this great Savior in the coming year, let us promise to never forget any of His life and never set aside any of His teachings to selfishly sin.                                                                                         TM


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