Reading:    Matthew 4
Could Jesus be tempted?  This question has been debated since it was written.  Men of equal academic stature disagree with one another on the matter.  Most who object to the idea that Jesus could be tempted to sin answer by pointing out that the word translated "tempted" can also be translated as "tried" or "tested,"
The writer of Hebrews said Jesus was "tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin" (Heb 4:15).  This statement implies He could have sinned but did not.  Why would the fact that He did not sin mean anything if He could not have sinned?  There can be no temptation to sin where there is no opportunity to yield to sin.  The statement has been made the Jesus' "temptation was as real as was his baptism."
The problem may be resolved when we understand the nature of Christ.  Jesus, being like all other people on the earth the ever lived, had free will.  He could have sinned if He so desired.  However, His dedication to God kept Him from sinning.  If our dedication to God were as strong as His, we, too, could refrain from sinning.  Maybe not to the point of never sinning, but most certainly less than we do.                                                                         TM


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